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People often have trouble deciding which games to wager on when they bet on sporting events. Many people will place bets on every game in a particular sport on a single day. Some people place bets based on their personal feelings or affiliation with a particular team, sport, or type of affiliation. It is not possible to do statistical analysis, calculations, or study trends or tendencies among the teams involved in the wagering process. Many people seek the ultimate betting program that will tell them exactly where and when they should place their bets.

What kind of business would this be for Vegas or any other betting agency or bookie? To keep the bets coming in, they stack the odds in their favor. Gambling is not considered gambling if there’s no risk. Many betting programs promise very high winning percentages for any bet placed. These programs will tell you what games you should bet on but you can make the final decision about when and how to place your bets. daftar sbobet

John Morrison’s Sports Betting Champ removes the risk from gambling. He has analysed the statistical trends to determine the best handicapping for each particular game or series of games. Then he will tell you which games to place your bets on. His 2009 winning percentage for Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association games was 97%. Each MLB season has 162 games. There could be 16 games per day. However, you don’t have to bet on every game. John’s system allows you to only place bets on games that have the lowest statistical risk.

Here’s a little bit from John’s system.

Dr. John Morrison’s Secret Betting Tip#1 : “In Major League Baseball, a player usually plays three games in a row over three consecutive days. A team can go 3-0 against its opponent in a 3-game series only 10%. Lesson: Even if a team loses their first game, chances are that they will win the next two. If they are at least equally matched with their opponent, the odds of them winning the series are even better!

Here’s how it works. John will email you his picks after you sign up. You have three bets to worry about. You can move on to the next bet if you lose your first bet. If you lose bet number one, you can move on to bet number 2. This is where the 97% winning pick enters play. John says that when John’s system reaches the third wager, there is a 97% statistical chance of winning. Therefore, you should bet large on this bet. His sports betting system is detailed.

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