How to View Caomod Pay Slip/Monthly Salary Slip?

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Caomod Pay Slip – Do you know what CAOMOD is? Do you know the full form of Caomod? If you do not have an answer, then it is okay. Today in this post, detailed information about each aspect of Caomod is being provided under the title “How to View Caomod Pay Slip/Monthly Salary Slip?” If you want to get complete information about CAOMOD, then do read my post till the end.

What is Caomod?

To understand Caomod, we have to divide it into two parts Cao + Mod. CAO’s full name or meaning is Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The full name of MOD is Ministry of Defense. CAOMOD is called by combining these two different terms. That is, the CAOMOD Full Form is Chief Administrative Officer MOD. Where MOD means Ministry of Defense.

In short, Caomod is a web portal designed for services related to JS & CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) under the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. The official website of this portal is Suppose a person has to get any new information about Caomod or JS & CAO. In that case, he has to visit the official website of JS & CAO working under the Department of Defense, Government of India. The facility of viewing Caomod Pay Slip, Promotion List, Senior List is also provided on the Caomod portal.

The CAOMOD Portal has been designed and developed by CAO / EDP for the functions of JS & CAO. CAO / EDP is currently hosting it. The main objective of the Ministry of Defense behind launching this web portal is to bring transparency in the functions of JS & CAO, providing detailed, accurate, and reliable information about the office and the services and functions provided by them on a single platform.

A Brief History of JS & CAO-

You already know what Caomod is. Let me now give you information about the history of Caomod. Before 1942, employees of all Armed Forces Headquarters of India were posted under the headquarters and secretariats of the then Department of Defense and Department of Finance (Defense) & War. While their name was different and they were also known as different organs. But all these were controlled through various departments and branches of the Services Headquarters. Caomod Pay Slip

In 1942, a new post in the erstwhile War Department was created in the name of Chief Administrative Officer. Under which the three departments of the army were kept water, land, and air. The first Chief Administrative Officer assumed his charge on 1 August 1942. You can see the following old photos and documents by clicking on the link of See old pic and documents-

  • A 1945 picture of Officers of CAO in front of the old office [C-II Hutments]
  • A 1942 letter regarding the appointment of the (first) CAO
  • A 1942 letter regarding the appointment of 5 Asstt Secretaries under the CAO.
  • ‘Establishment’ of CAO’s office in 1952
  • A 1939 File cover used on a 1942 file

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